Ride Rental Cars loves our customers and communities.  We also have a great appreciation for the local non-profit organizations that work hard in service to the people that make up our communities.  These non-profits are vital to the cities and towns they serve. 

Ride’s Community Action Resource Events (C.A.R.E.s) are monthly events designed to help drive resources to non-profit organizations.  These resources include money, products, volunteers, and community awareness.  These events are much more effective when we have local business partners to work alongside us. 

We highlight one local non-profit organization each month and drive resources to them by.   

  • Conducting interviews with the leadership, volunteers, and people served by the organization in to increase public awareness and raise needed resources for them,  

  • Publishing lists of items and support they need, 

  • Including the non-profit in our advertising, and  

  • Establishing and branding in store collection centers to support the non-profit. 

Our business partners are always included in our advertising which includes promoting the business in the “in cooperation with” link on our website.  We’ll proudly promote our partner’s web site and social media on our e-media platforms.  If desired, we offer live interviews during events the business partner attends. 

If you’re a local non-profit or a local business that would like more information about participating in Ride C.A.R.E.s email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ride C.A.R.E.s.   

It’s good business.  It’s responsible business.  It’s how we Ride!