Our pricing structure will depend on the volume of rental days your company uses specific categories of vehicles.  Please contact us for a discussion on what your particular needs are so we can put together an economically sound package for you and your team.

What does Ride bring to the table for you?  Great question!  Following are a some of our customers’ most appreciated advantages.

  • Extremely competitive pricing: our regular prices beat our competition’s discounted prices.
  • Vehicle availability as promised, when promised: we don’t overbook reservations, and we make our business partners our priority.
  • Flexible.  We’re small and agile – able to quickly adapt in response to your needs.
  • Delivery and pick up.  We’ll bring the vehicle to a local address and pick it up.
  • Wide selection of vehicle makes and models.
  • Dedicated agent for our B2B customers.
  • Roadside assistance included with every rental.  We don’t expect it to happen to you, but it will happen to someone, somewhere, sometime.  If that who, where, and when happens to be you, in one of our vehicles, in the middle of nowhere, we’ve got you covered.
  • Safe, dependable vehicles for every rental.  We take great care to ensure every vehicle is inspected, serviced, and sanitized before it’s rented, EVERY TIME.

Fulfilling our mission requires the right selection of vehicles.  Our line up includes models from all major manufacturers.  We purchase pre-owned vehicles at auction after a thorough review of Carfax reports and only add them to our fleet after complete mechanical safety check performed by reputable, local mechanic shops. 

Our wide selection of manufacturers, models, model years, and mileage gives us extreme flexibility in pricing.  This is a key factor in being able to achieve our mission.  Our vehicle history and mechanical soundness checks ensure our customers can focus on their trip rather than their transportation.

We ensure all vehicles are maintained according to a rigorous schedule and detailed checklist every time they are returned from a rental.  You can’t afford to have a team member stranded.  That’s why no one takes more steps to prevent a disabled vehicle than Ride Rental Cars.

Even a joy Ride has a destination in mind.  Doing everything we can to ensure our customers enjoy Ride Rental Cars is part of our mission. 

We exist to help people in our communities and the businesses that serve them obtain affordable, safe, comfortable, temporary transportation regardless of their economic status.

Anything less than that makes it difficult for our customers to enjoy their Ride.  Our mission doesn’t change just because we’re doing business with other businesses.  Regardless of the dynamics of your business, it’s our mission to help you acquire affordable, safe, comfortable temporary transportation that your team members feel good about.

Ride Rental Cars is a Danville born and based company started by two local businessmen who recognized the need for another option in the Danville community.  After a few years of research, they launched the business.  Their suspicions were immediately confirmed by the overwhelming response.  They soon found themselves working feverishly to increase inventory and staffing levels to satisfy the continually growing demand.

Word of mouth has proved to be our best advertising.  We made the decision early in the life of Ride Rental Cars to overstaff our locations to help ensure customers didn’t have to wait for hours to be waited on.  This practice isn’t normal in the car rental industry, but our focus on exceeding customer expectations makes it a necessity at Ride.  We’ve found a way to provide quicker service, lower prices, and continue to grow our business.  We’re sure you’ll be glad we did.

We let our customers define our business model.  Our customers wanted a wider selection of pricing options, stable pricing (as opposed to prices that increase as fewer cars are available), and a wide variety of payment methods including cash payments.  So, our program gives you those options.  Our customers told us they don’t want to have to wait for an hour or more while the rental agents try to locate a vehicle that was reserved weeks in advance.  While there are some circumstances beyond our control, we’ve developed policies and procedures that help ensure we don’t over commit our vehicles.  That makes things much more pleasant for our customers and the teams that staff our locations.