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Our vehicle inventory strategy is at the core of our business model.  Through diligent research and disciplined financial practices we are able to ensure our fleet is stocked with quality, dependable, vehicles that include the features our customers want.  Our fleet consists of pre-owned vehicles that go through a comprehensive safety and operational checklist before being brought into inventory.


Several auctions are watched on a weekly basis for vehicles that may make the cut.  Before bidding, research is done into the source of the vehicle (Government, car rental companies, automobile dealer, etc) and the vehicle’s maintenance and accident history.  Any negative indicators disqualify the vehicle.  Black Book (dealer trade in / auction) value is checked and compared to the auction price.  It’s a rare occurrence when we purchase at or over Black Book pricing.

Vehicle purchases also depend on the demand for specific makes, models, and category of vehicle in each market.  We keep a close eye on what’s renting.  We also listen to what our customers are requesting.  Of course, we don’t know what you want unless you tell us. 

Safety Pre-check

Vehicles that make it through the purchase process must be thoroughly checked before we put them on the road.  The safety and convenience of our customers is our top priority.  There are other factors to consider as well.  We don’t just check for the “big things” like brakes and batteries.  The smaller things like the stereo, air conditioner, or heater not working properly can become major irritants to our customer.  It’s our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations.

The items on our checklist include, but aren’t limited ton:

  • Condition and operation of the braking system.
  • Transmission oil level and condition (off color, metal flakes, and other warning indicators).
  • Engine oil and filter is changed on every vehicle.
  • Tire tread wear and depth.
  • Alignment check.
  • All lights are operational.
  • Horn.
  • Wiper blade condition.
  • Engine air and cabin air filter.
  • Seat belt operation.
  • Power steering system.
  • Battery condition and strength.
  • All belts and hoses.
  • Windshield washer fluid.

All discrepancies are corrected before placing the vehicle in our inventory.


Once vehicles have been purchased and the pre-checklist done, they are placed in our fleet.  Vehicle rental prices in the industry are determined by size: Economy, Compact, Mid-Size, Full-Size, and SUV are among the most common.  Prices charged are determined by the category/size of the vehicle.  Customers are accustomed to these categories, so we’ve adopted them to minimize confusion for our customers.  However, as mentioned earlier in “Our Business Model”, we purchase all sizes of cars at varying price points, which means we can offer Full-Size vehicles and SUVs at prices our competitors charge for Economy and Compact models. 

We’ve created additional vehicle categories to accommodate this pricing flexibility.  From least expensive to most expensive, the additional categories are:

  • Promotional
  • Standard
  • Intermediate
  • Premium

So, a compact vehicle in the promotional range is labeled as Compact-Promo and is less expensive than a compact vehicle in a premium category, which would be a Compact Premium vehicle.